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Restoring roofs throughout the greater Wellington area.

If your roof is in bad shape, it doesn’t necessarily need to be replaced. Wairarapa Painting can bring roofs back to near new condition at around a quarter of the price of replacing them on average. The secret is in the quality of our workmanship, the products we use,  and the process we follow.

This includes water blasting, mould and moss removal, anti-rust treatments and primer, spot roof repairs, replacing old nails with screws and plates, oil based undercoat films and two top coats.

Wairarapa Painting is able to transform all types of roofs including iron, decramastic, concrete and tiles. All jobs come with a written five to 15 years paints warranty guarantee depending on the process involved.

Along with the more challenging jobs, Wairarapa Painting is available for all general roof repaints at competitive prices. The very top in the field, Wairarapa Painting has been a commercial painting specialist company for many years. Wairarapa Painting use only the best equipment including A grade scaffolding.

Wairarapa Painting is taking bookings now for spring and summer roof painting and restoration, while during winter months they are available for all interior paint work.

  • Consulting Colours and Design Decorating
  • A Grade Quality Interior and Exterior Painting (Warranties Apply)
  • Moss and Mold Kill Treatments.
  • Water Proof Membranes and Specialist Coatings.
  • Scaffolding Hire

Full Roof Restoration

Using Wairarapa Painting is the next best thing to getting a new roof.

The treatment varies from job to job depending on the condition of the roof but includes waterblasting, rescrewing, resealing, anti-rust treatment, priming and full undercoats then top coat finishes.


Wairarapa Painting has  invested in all the best roof edge protection scaffolding so we run a site safe.

Craig is a recognized applicator for Resene and Wattyl paints which means these two paint companies will guarantee their products with a written warranty.

Craig also provides a five year guarantee for his own workmanship for all the jobs he completes.


Craig Griffiths a passion for painting  - Owner


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